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One build...multiple engines.

Nissan S14 200SX Drift Drag Circuit Show Car Shaved Engine Bay Model Bikini

Troy Miles |

I'll add commentary later, as it's a TL:DR. 

In summary,

#1 stock SR20, a microtech, a T28 BB, a eBay boost tee and a freshly licensed silly billy who couldn't believe why everyone else isn't just turning their boost taps up 6 clicks. Haha, well yes the M7 motorway had a 100m trail of bearings that left the side of the block. 

#2 stock SR20, a Haltech PS1000, TD06 slapped together and shake down on the dyno. After the 16th run back to back, the operator smiles for the 17th run before yep, bearings and fresh oil all over the rollers. Back to the drawing board.

#3 Properly built SR20 by Dahtone Racing. 2l Nitto forged rods and pistons, Precision 5858, Haltech Platinum Pro and a heap of boost. Just over 400kw with 28 boosts.

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