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The Crazy Sequential GR Yaris - Wrapped by MRN

The Crazy Sequential GR Yaris - Wrapped by MRN

Troy Miles |

Within the highly competitive local time-attack category, out shines Adrian's brutal GR Yaris, purpose built to raise hell on the tarmac.

Adrian's commitment to perfect every aspect of the AWD Gazoo Racing Yaris has had only the very best of Australia's motorsport engineers partake in building what could very well be the fastest time-attack GR Yaris in the Southern Hemisphere.

Toyota GR Yaris - Gazoo Racing

The Collaboration:

With Greg's team at Sydney Composites dialing in the carbon composite aero package, Matt's team at FE Motorsport managing the powertrain and mechanical, Andre's team at DNA Autosport handling (pardon the pun) it's suspension and Leon's team at Race Division supporting both parts and mechanical - the only thing missing from his A1 team was styling to dress the beast in a podium finish wrap.

Race Division, Sydney Composites, FE Motorsports, DNA Autosport


The Brief:

Adrian enlisted Troy from MRN to overhaul it's exterior styling with a flawless design that complimented it's aggressive prowl.

After a lengthy chat, Troy identified Adrian's brief to:

  • differ than any other current motorsport livery 
  • be instantly noticed and generate brand exposure for his financial consulting firm "Catalyst"
  • support his A1 team 
  • be timeless, elegant, yet angry and agitated.

Finalising the Design:

Troy's creative flair went wild, starting with pen and paper, and honing in with vector based graphics curating 3 concepts, Adrian was blown away with the options provided to him.

With an eye for detail, Troy influenced Adrian to take the design to a whole new level, starting with a desaturated blueberry navy camoflauge base, overlayed with major and minor sponsors within branding guidelines, finished with a matte overlaminate that would allow every bit of detail be noticed from front, sides and rear.

Livery Wrap Mock Up - Catalyst - Toyota Yaris GR

Printing the Wrap:

Not only did Troy design the concept, he also managed production of the film with scaling, pre-press and printing using Prowrap's Roland VG3-640 eco-sol printer cutter. Troy elected for an Avery MPI1105 film, matched with a 3M Matte 8520 overlaminate for finishing. This killer combo is not only an installer's dream, but is able to handle the consistent abuse the Yaris upon every apex and sector for many years.

Camoflauge Swatch


The synery partnership between MRN and Prowraps allowed Troy to utilise Australia's leading motorsport wrappers at their Penrith, NSW HeadQuarters.

The car was picked up from FE Motorsports and transported to the Penrith HQ where dismantling began. Trims, lights, handles, and aero was removed before a 3 stage cleaning process begun. 

The 3 stage cleaning process includes a two decontaminant washes, major clay bar, and final surface clean to maximise adhesion and long-life of the livery.

The sides where then layed symetrically, which allowed both front and rear bars to seamlessly flow. Without the extensive measurement and careful layout of print, the front and rear bar will just never marry-up with one-another when using a camoflauge print.

The carbon-fibre vents where left exposed using design-line knifeless tape on the bonnet and the finishing logo touches where last to be installed.

The Final Result:

Simply the best. These collage of photos speak for themselves, giving the motorsport community a new fan favourite to support. 

Sydney Motorsport Park - Toyota GR Yaris
Sydney Motorsport Park - Toyota GR Yaris

Want to PB your livery styling?

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